Our Story


The Sortman family have been coming to the Smoky Mountains for over 50 years.

Bob and Warrentta Sortman took a vacation to Florida from Ohio years ago with the first of their six children and decided to come home through Gatlinburg.  Both of them fell in love with the town and the smoky mountains. Through the years they would come to the Smoky Mountain National Park with their family, stay in Gatlinburg to spend some time.  As their children got older, their girls became a nurse, teacher and school counselor, two of their three boys went to war, and one almost didn’t come home.


All the Sortman children returned to the mountains as much as they could with their families and with mother Sortman. Bob Sortman passed away but enjoyed spending his later years jumping in the car with his beloved Warrenetta and driving back to Gatlinburg “every chance they got”.

As time went on the youngest boy Mark continued to return to Gatlinburg as much as he could. Mark had moved down to Florida but he and his wife Renee would meet his siblings and children in Gatlinburg every chance they got.   During every visit they would drive to Cades Cove and then start riding and hiking the mountains. Marks lifelong dream was to have a home in Gatlinburg. He wanted a place his family could call home away from home and come to whenever they wanted. It was important to him to be close to everyone’s favorite spot in Gatlinburg….The Village.

 So, for the next few years Mark, Renee, and sometimes Marks brother Mike would drive the hills around Gatlinburg searching for………. “The Place”

They would drive down Baskins Creek all the time looking and always loved Baskins Creek Retreat but the home was never for sale. Then, after four years of driving down Baskins Creek, Renee looked over and there it was…in front of “The Place”… The Retreat had a For Sale sign in the front yard!

After purchasing the home, Mark along with help from Renee and Mike went to work on renovations.  Months of long hard work, sweat, a few bear scares, and tears produced a solid old but new home.

Now comes the story of the name…

Remember the brother who almost didn’t make it back from the war? That was Mike Sortman.

Because of Marks deep love for his brother, and to show how proud the family is of him, Mark & Renee named the house after Mike…American Patriot Haven!   


We hope you have a wonderful stay here at American Patriot Haven.  Our family is creating memories here with some of Warrenetta and Robert Sortmans Great Grandchildren.

Please don’t forget to write some of your memories in our guest book or read some of ours!  


May God Bless & Keep You Safe in our great nation America……Welcome to the Mountains!


Mark & Renee Sortman     

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